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Smart Stacky - Programable

Smart Stacky - Programable
Smart Stacky - Programable
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Smart Stacky - Programable
Smart Stacky - Programable
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Smart Stacky - Programable

Smart Stacky: Device cooling, ergonomics, and smart NFC. "Smart Stacky" makes use of Near Field Communication technology, or NFC to control the state of a NFC capable phone or device? So we did; we embedded an NFC micro-controller inside of a Stacky Step, thus making it into a Smart Stacky! The Smart Stacky is fully user programmable to do very simple or very complex tasks. It can be easily programmed by anyone without technical knowledge by using any of the many freely available NFC Apps in the Google Play store. It can be programmed to control many device functions like GPS, WiFi, ringer or notification volumes, alarms, display brightness, locks, app launching, and many more complex tasks. For example, you can program it to do something as simple as change your ringer volume and display brightness; or something as complex as querying a remote web server for some information, and sending a text message or email based on the result.

Comes in 1 pack. 

NFC Supports NFC enabled devices.
Stacky Step Size 25 mm Diameter 15 mm Height Pack of 1
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  • Model: NTSSS01